【New Item】Single Malt Akashi 2019 4 years old 61% Bourbon Barrel 500ml/OB for J’s Bar Distillery Exploration Maltoyama 10th Anniversary Bottle #8

Single Malt Akashi 2019 4 Year Old Malt Yama 10th Anniversary Bottle #8 New Arrival

1.Single Malt Akashi 2019 4 years old, limited to 286 bottles, Maltoyama 10th Anniversary Bottle #8

The eighth bottle to commemorate Malt Yama’s 10th anniversary is the Akashi from the Eigashima Distillery in Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture.

While the reputation of this whisky has been growing in recent years, this time it is a special bottle commemorating the 10th anniversary of Malt Yama, and the barrels were selected by the master of J’s Bar in Ikebukuro, Mr. Hajime Hasumura.

Tasting notes by Hajime Hasumura, J’s Bar Ikebukuro

The aroma of rice husks and grains with a sense of brightness. Kinako mochi and milk caramel. Next, rustic banana cake. Gentle honey. Slight root vegetable ashiness as an accent. Woody honey and pineapple on the palate. Pleasant alcoholic attack and bitterness. Burnt vanilla wafers. Expect this to be called the standard for future bourbon barrel testimonials.

Maltoyama Tasting notes by the owner, Koumei Shimono

Nose: gorgeous vanilla, honey, banana shake, soybean flour, freshly cut wood shavings, white pepper, straw lye, a little apple and lemon zest.

Taste: slightly round and smooth texture, then a pleasant white pepper-like stimulation, raw and gorgeous oaky woodiness honey soybean flour candy, a little apple and lemon zest. The finish has a strong oaky woody astringency with honey dust candy.

Overall impression: A bottle of Akashi with its unique woodiness and honeyed floral notes, which allows you to experience the high potential of Akashi.

Product Details

Alcohol content 61%
Liquor categories Single Malt Whisky
cask-type Bourbon Barrels
Volume and quantity 500ml
No. of products sold 286 bottles
MSRP 10,890 yen (tax included)
Date of release Early October 2023

Offer Price

One glass is available at 45ml: 3,960 yen, 30ml: 2,640 yen, 15ml: 1,320 yen.

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