【New Item】Glenmorangie Tokyo

MHD Moët Hennessy Diageo’s “Glenmorangie Tokyo”, the fourth in the Monogatari series, aged in Mizunara oak barrels, is now available.

The new Glenmorangie Tokyo combines exciting, bold flavors with soft sweetness, a single malt whisky as full of delicious sensory contrasts as Tokyo itself.

1.Glenmorangie Tokyo


World-traveling whisky creator, Dr. Bill’s favorite place is truly Tokyo. A fascinating city of many contrasts, we turned to the popular Mizunara oak cask to capture Tokyo in whisky.
Sweet toffee in the softness of incense, bitter cherry fruitiness contrasted with the spiciness of pepper scattered like a light dazzling night. Flavors of fresh orange zest melt into almond flakes and deep oak notes.

Tasting Notes

aroma Powerful herbal, toffee notes contrasted with incense and saddle soap, with resinous notes and cedarwood nuances.
flavor Peppery flavors lead to tangy orange and bitter cherry flavors along with fennel and chewy oak.
aftertaste Long, gentle, nutty flavors persist with notes of almond, mandarin, ground white pepper, and even wood resin.

Product Details

Alcohol content 46%
Liquor categories Single Malt Whisky
cask-type Mizunara oak, bourbon and sherry barrels
Volume and quantity 700ml
No. of products sold
MSRP 14,520 yen (tax included)
Date of release October 11, 2023

Offer Price

At “BAR SHINKAI”, one cup is available for 45ml: 2,970 yen, 30ml: 1,980 yen, and 15ml: 990 yen.

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