【New Item】Akkeshi single malt whisky Risshun

Akkeshi single malt whisky “Risshun”. It is newly arrived from Kenten Jitsugyo’s Akkeshi distillery.

Key malt is “All Hokkaido Whisky”.

All-Hokkaido Whisky is distilled in Atsugishi with Hokkaido malt and matured in Hokkaido oak barrels.

It is the “most peaty” of the 24 Sekki series currently available. It is a highly anticipated product for those who love Akkeshi whisky.

The peat in this crop has quite an impact. If we take the aroma alone, we can say that it is just like an Islay, but it is probably only in Akkeshi that such a sweet aroma can stand up together with the peat.

The taste is also complex, but you can feel many elements that are not defeated by the strong peat. The peat is strongly felt in the single malt whisky from the Akkeshi distillery, and the lemon and lime-like citrus is also common to “boushu” and “seimei”, but the sweetness stands out more, as well as the peat.

Akkeshi whisky is released about every three months, so the next release will probably be in May, around Rikka (Rikka is the month of summer).

At “BAR SHINKAI,” a small amount of 45ml: 5,610 yen, 30ml: 3,740 yen, 15ml: 1,870 yen, etc. are available.

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