Limited to 600 bottles in Fukushima Prefecture. A complex and flavorful single malt Japanese whisky blended with carefully selected several barrels of bourbon barrel-aged peated Asaka whisky.

The malt used has a phenol level of 50ppm. It has a vanilla and oaky aroma typical of bourbon barrel aging, and a strong smoky flavor due to the 50ppm heavily peated type. In addition, the light citrus flavor, which is a common feature of Asaka Barrels, produces a subtle sourness and brings out the malt’s natural sweetness and flavor, resulting in a well-balanced finish that is a perfect blend of the two.

Offer price

At “BAR SHINKAI“, we offer small quantities such as 45ml: 3960 yen, 30ml: 2640 yen, 15ml: 1320 yen per glass.


For more information on ASAKA PEATED 2023 EDITION, please see this article.

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