【New Item】THE AKKESHIST Akkeshi Twenty-fourth Seasons Spin-off Claude Whisky PB

New product from Akkeshi Distillery, released as a private bottle for CLAUDE WHISKY, a craft whisky specialty store with a store in Gifu Prefecture. This is an unprecedented release as a PB (private bottle) from Akkeshi with a spin-off version of 24 seasons.

AKKESHIST” is a general term for people who are enthusiastic fans of Akkeshi whisky and have been attracted and captivated by not only the whisky but also the nature, food, and terroir of Akkeshi Town. This release is a product made possible by our gratitude to those Akkeshists who support the Akkeshi Distillery on a daily basis.

The key malt for this release is all Hokkaido whisky (Hokkaido malt, distilled in Atsugishi, aged in Hokkaido Quercus crispula barrels).

This product is a super-precious whisky, limited to 200 bottles.
It is a must have for all akkeshists. The aroma and taste are very elegant and gorgeous, and the peat that can be felt slightly behind the elegant sweetness is very pleasant, making it a very different whisky from the previous Akkeshi whiskies. It is a bottle of whisky that is a must-try for whisky lovers.

At “BAR SHINKAI,” it is available in small quantities such as 45ml: 6,270 yen, 30ml: 4,180 yen, and 15ml: 2,090 yen per glass.

For more information about “THE AKKESHIST Akkeshi 24-Season Spin-off Clode Whisky PB,” please see this article.

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