【New Item】Single Cask Ontake 2021 3years Sherry Butt 58.5% / T&T TOYAMA Collection

This time it is one of the single casks from the Ontake Distillery of Nishi Shuzo, the company behind the Hozan brand of shochu.
The Ontake distillery is a malt whisky distillery built in 2019 on a vast hillside 400 meters above sea level in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, and one of its features is that the majority of its original sake is matured in American white oak casks used in sherry bodegas.
Late last year, the long-awaited first single malt whisky ” Ontake THE FIRST EDITION 2023″ was released and became the talk of the town.
This bottle is a cask that T&T TOYAMA has owned since 2021 under the owner’s cask system at the Ontake distillery. It has been matured for three years in the distillery’s aging room, and this is the first release as a commemorative owner’s cask.
Although it has only been aged for three years, it has a clean, beautiful quality derived from the new pots at the Ontake distillery and the character of the sherry casks can be clearly felt, indicating its high potential.

We also asked illustrator Cola to draw a superb view looking down on Sakurajima (“Ontake”) from the distillery.
The contrast between the dark red color from the sherry casks and the blue of the label is truly beautiful.

We hope you will enjoy this single cask from Ontake Distillery, which will be the focus of even more attention in the future!

◆Cola’s Profile
Mr. Cola is an animation background grafficker and background illustrator. He specializes in drawing scenery digitally.
X(former Twitter) account @c_o_l_a

Tasting notes by TADAAKI SHIMONO
Nose: dates, prunes, milk chocolate, milk caramel, dark fruitcake, red beans, vanilla, nougat, caramelized walnuts, mild oak woodiness, old cast iron vase.
Taste: smooth and mouthwatering, smooth for a 3 year old cask strength. Cocoa, orangette, dates, prunes, milk caramel, vanilla, nougat, caramelized walnuts, mild oaky woodiness. The finish is gently lingering with dates, prunes and orangette from the sherry casks.
Overall: A beautiful, clean, low-mildew quality from the new pot and a strong character from the sherry casks, this is a bottle that Ontake Distillery can look forward to releasing in the future.

Please enjoy this precious whisky, limited to 622 bottles.

At BAR Shinkai, it is available for 45ml: 5,610 yen, 30ml: 3,740 yen, and 15ml: 1,870 yen per glass.

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