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Thank you for your continued patronage of BAR Shinkai!
At the end of February, the long-awaited Akkeshi Distillery’s first single malt whisky “Saron Kamuy” was released, so this issue of the newsletter will be an “Akkeshi Distillery Special”!

1.Akkeshi, a town famous for its oysters

Akkeshi is a town famous for its oysters, one of the most famous in Japan.
Akkeshi is a town famous for its oysters, one of the best oyster-producing areas in Japan.

Oysters in Akkeshi are produced throughout the year by moving the entire oyster culture cages between Akkeshi Lake and Akkeshi Bay, which are brackish lakes where fresh water and sea water mix, and adjusting the spawning season to take advantage of the difference in water temperature.

Akkeshi produces three types of oysters.

①Kakiemon…Pure Akkeshi oysters. Small and tasty oyster
②Maruemon…Oysters born in Sanriku and raised in Akkeshi with plenty of meat
③Nagaemon…Grown in Sanriku and finished in Akkeshi. Large oysters

Oysters are caught all year round, and each season offers a different flavor.

(1)Spring Oyster…Refreshing and delicious
(2)Summer Oyster…Mellow oysters
(3)August Oyster…Oysters with increased sweetness
(4)Winter Oyster…Rich and sweet oysters

The blessings produced by nature, the harsh natural environment, and the commitment of the producers all come together to produce delicious oysters that are slowly nourished.

2.Why a whiskey distillery in Akkeshi?

Why did you build a whiskey distillery in such an oyster town “Akkeshi”?

We visited the Akkeshi distillery last summer and were able to hear more about why they chose “Akkeshi” as the location for their distillery.

①Good climate for whisky making

The cool and humid climate is conducive to the development of sea duty.
High temperature differences throughout the year allow for rapid ripening.

②The brewing water is taken through the peat layer.

Hokkaido was the only place to make whisky with water that passed through peat layers, like the distilleries on Islay in Scotland.

③Japan’s main peat production area is Hokkaido

Peat is indispensable for making Islay’s smoky whiskey.
Peat is mainly extracted from Hokkaido in Japan.

The place that met these requirements was Akkeshi in Hokkaido.

3.Akkeshi Distillery’s commitment

During our tour of the Akkeshi distillery, we also asked about the distillery’s specialties.

①Thorough quality control

Mr. Tatsuzaki, the distillery’s director, came from a major dairy manufacturer, and his experience in this field was utilized to ensure thorough sanitary control in the distillery.

②Equipment is made in authentic Scotland.

The distillation equipment is made by Forsyth’s of Scotland, the home of distillation.
Local engineers came to Japan to assemble and install the equipment.

③Aiming for All-Hokkaido

Currently, imported wheat is used as a raw material, but in the future, the company aims to use Hokkaido-grown wheat and Hokkaido-grown peat to create an all-Hokkaido whisky as a raw material.

The raw materials, the equipment required for production, and the quality control (sanitary control) that controls the production process are all made with the utmost care.
In fact, when I tasted a freshly distilled new pot, I was impressed by its “sweetness and flavor.
The “sweetness” and unique “flavor” that is unlike any other new pot is exactly what I believe will be the key to the future of Akkeshi whisky, and this attention to detail will be the key to the future of Akkeshi whisky.

4.Akkeshi Newborn Series

Prior to this single malt launch, Newborn has been planned and marketed four times since 2018 to inform whiskey lovers about the current state of the Akkeshi distillery.

BAR Shinkai handles everything from the first to the fourth bulletins.


Non-pit malt barley aged in bourbon barrels for 5-14 months is batched.
The alcohol content is set at 60% in order to provide a flavor experience similar to that of the barrel-aged original.


Batting of peated malt base wine aged in bourbon barrels for 8-17 months.
This is Akkeshi Distillery’s first peated product.
The alcohol content is 58%. The peated taste is combined with salty and citrus flavors brought by the sea fog and wind.


Non-peated malt base spirit bathed for 8-23 months in rare Mizunara oak casks.
This is Akkeshi Distillery’s first product matured in casks made exclusively of local Hokkaido Quercus crispula wood. The alcohol content is 55%.
Sweet aroma of brown sugar, vanilla, and fresh melon, with spicy notes of nutmeg.


Blended malt & grain aged for 13-30 months in sherry casks, etc.
Malt, which accounts for more than 60% of the blend, is distilled and aged exclusively at the Akkeshi distillery.
The grains are made from new-make Scottish oak, casked at the Akkeshi distillery, and only aged in the Akkeshi environment.
More than 50% of the malt is sherry cask aged. Similarly, Hokkaido barley malt is used for at least 5% of the malt. The flavor of this beer is made with a touch of Hokkaido’s earthy character.

5.Saron Kamui” released on Feb. 27

And now, after three years of maturation, the original distilled and casked at the Akkeshi distillery has finally become a single malt whisky.

The name of the product is “Saron Kamui” (meaning “god of the marsh” in Ainu, referring to the red-crowned crane).
(meaning “god in the marsh,” referring to the red-crowned crane in the Ainu language).
The bottle is pure white, reminiscent of a red-crowned crane.

We had heard that the shipment was smaller than the previous Newborn series, but this time it was very difficult to obtain.
Even the liquor stores we do business with were almost out of it. After searching in many different directions, we managed to secure a quantity that we were able to offer to everyone.

『Akkeshi Whisky Saron Kamui』

This Sarongkamui will be Lightly Peaked.
The barrels used were bourbon, sherry, red wine, and oak barrels.

Akkeshi whisky has become even rarer than last time.
Whisky lovers should definitely check out this gem.

<Saron Kamui 45ml:7,500 yen、30ml:5,000 yen、15ml:2,500 yen>

6.Efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

Finally, we would like to inform you of BAR Shinkai’s efforts to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

We have been implementing thorough hygiene management as usual, but we will furthermore take the following measures based on the information released by the Prime Minister’s Office and the Minato Ward.

①Careful hand washing and sterilization

Careful hand washing with a hand sanitizer before starting work

②Cough Etiquette

Wear a mask, cover your mouth with a tissue/handkerchief, cover your face with the inside of your jacket

③Alcohol disinfection of store interior and doorknobs

Regular alcohol disinfection of tables and chairs as well as entrance and restroom doorknobs.

While the whole of Japan is in a self-restraint mode, we will take the above measures so that our customers can relax and enjoy their stay at our restaurant with as much peace of mind as possible.

We look forward to your continued patronage.


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