BAR Shinkai Latest News / June 2020

Thank you for your continued patronage of BAR Shinkai!
The long state of emergency declaration has been lifted and we are finally able to return to normal operations.

Although the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has indicated a roadmap for phased relaxation, we have determined that we cannot satisfy our customers’ needs with business hours until 22:00, and will continue to operate with our existing business hours from June 1.
Naturally, we will take adequate measures to prevent infection. For the time being, we will continue to have our employees wear masks.

In this month’s issue, we will provide you with some information on what we have been doing during the voluntary restraint period, as well as some of the efforts that we will continue to make in the future.

1.We gained more than we lost with the coronavirus.

No longer just for restaurants, the coronavirus has caused enormous damage to all industries.

The loss was obviously huge, and since we operate three stores, we lost several million yen, which we will never be able to recover.

But we should not be pessimistic.

We have gained many things thanks to coronavirus, which will be a great asset for our store in the future.

Since March, when the coronavirus began in earnest, I have been struggling with anxiety, telling myself that “a pinch is an opportunity,” no matter how painful it may be, and desperately working on various things, but I feel that I have finally arrived at a phase where things will turn into an opportunity.

It will take time and money to clean up after coronavirus for a while yet, but we will try to grow the store over a long period of time, 3, 5, and 10 years.

■What we lost because of coronavirus
①Money (rent, utilities, salary)、②Damaged food and beverages

■What we got because of the coronavirus
①Variations and new services for take-out and delivery、②Online shopping growth and new products、③Liquor retail sales license(coronavirus support expired)、④Free support for various gourmet websites、⑤Cooperation with neighboring restaurants、⑥television interview(Broadcast on May 30, 2020「Doyo wa nani suru?」in the segment of Ikemeshi)、⑦Various benefits、cooperative grants and subsidies、⑧interest-free loan、⑨2 new hires、⑩Support and contact from many who were concerned about us.

Broadcast on May 30, 2020「Doyo wa nani suru?」in the segment of “Ikemeshi _ Ren Kiriyama” Collaboration with Azabujuban Yakuzen Curry

2.We received many orders for “frozen curries” through online shopping.

Our sister store “Azabu Juban Yakuzen Curry” offers nationwide delivery of “frozen curry” and “homemade yakuzen pickles” through online shopping.

During the past two months, we have not been able to promote our customers to visit our stores, so we have focused on online shopping to promote our products.
Due to the demand for nesting boxes, we received more than 100 orders from all over Japan from April to the end of May.
This was a great opportunity for people at home and far away to enjoy the taste of our restaurant, and we too were able to make more sales than expected during this period.
We will be putting even more effort into our online shopping by increasing the variety of curries we offer.

▶Azabujuban Yakuzen Curry Online Shop

3.Expansion of take-out and delivery services

During the period of self-restraint, we were unable to promote visits to our restaurants, so we focused on “take-out and delivery,” especially our famous spice curry. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we also made almost all of our dinner dishes available for “take-out and delivery”.

Thanks to your support, we have received orders from many customers and have been able to offer our taste to new customers as well as regulars.

In an environment where people cannot freely eat what they want, customers are under considerable stress, and we have been expanding our efforts in the hope that we can bring a little joy, healing, and energy to their lives.

We will continue to offer take-out and delivery services in June and beyond, and we hope you will continue to use our services.

▶Take out  [From Mon. to Fri.] 11:00~15:00, 17:00~23:00
※Accepted at store, by phone, smartphone application(PICKS、menu)
▶Delivery [From Mon. to Fri.] 11:00~15:00、17:00~23:00
※Accepted at smartphone application(UberEATS、menu、anycarry)


4.Share Of Spirits~Started selling distilled spirits by weight~

We started selling spirits by weight under the title ”Share Of Spirits”.

The IRS has offered to support restaurants by allowing them to obtain a “retail liquor sales license (with a time limit)” ahead of time by deferring various procedures.
We immediately applied for and successfully obtained the license as well.

As the first of the measures to utilize this license, “take-out sales of domestic craft beer, sake, and wine” was implemented earlier.

This second event will be “Share Of Spirits – distilled spirits by weight”.

< Share Of Spirits~Started selling distilled spirits by weight~ >

Mainly hard-to-find domestic whiskies, popular Scotch, Islay malt, and domestic craft gin are available as a “100ml drinking set”.
Each product will be sold as a set of 3-4 bottles, and each brand will be transferred to a small 100ml bottle.
We carefully select rare and valuable items at reasonable prices.
It may be just right for a small gift.

■Example of set contents
「Domestic Single Malt Drinking Comparison Set:5,000 yen」
(Yamazaki, Hakushuu, Yoichi, Miyagikyou /  each 100ml)

「Taketsuru Pure Malt Drinking Comparison Set:9,400 yen」
(Taketsuru, Taketsurue 17 years old, Taketsuru 21 years old / each 100ml)

※For other products, please see the menu list.
※You can purchase in-store or order by e-mail.
We can also ship by courier service (shipping charges not included).

So,We hope that the world will become safer as soon as possible and many people will return to the BAR life, the eating out life, and enjoy their days.


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