BAR Shinkai Latest News / April 2020

Thank you for your continued patronage of BAR Shinkai!
We have been delayed in sending out this newsletter due to the new coronavirus.
There are many opinions and requests flying around, such as telecommuting, staggered commuting, refraining from going out, refraining from going to bars and clubs, etc. However, we plan to respond accordingly when we receive clear instructions from the government.
The restaurant is open for business as usual, taking into consideration the best hygiene practices and the safety of our customers and staff.
We also offer our famous spiced curry for take-out and delivery both day and night.
We hope you will take advantage of this service.
So, this month, we will continue to provide you with some information, including the latest news.

1.Take-out and delivery support

BAR Shinkai offers take-out and delivery of its famous spiced curry at both its Toranomon and Daimon branches during the evening dinner hours.
We expect that people will continue to refrain from going out and eating out for a while, but we understand that many of you may have difficulty preparing meals at home.
We hope you will take advantage of our take-out and delivery services.

▶Take out

We accept orders in person, by phone in advance, or via our takeout app.
For more information, please click here.


e accept orders via UberEATS.
Please install the UberEATS app on your smartphone and search for “Spice Curry Shinkai” or “Azabu Juban Yakuzen Curry”.
For more information, please click here.


2.Online shopping for “Azabu Juban Yakuzen Curry”

Our sister store “Azabu Juban Yakuzen Curry” offers nationwide delivery of “frozen curry” and “homemade yakuzen pickles” through online shopping.
We have been selling our curry and pickles through online shopping for several years in order to let people at home and in distant places enjoy our taste, but due to the recent coronavirus, orders have been increasing since late February.
How about a gift for your friends or family as well as for your home?
You can order at this online store site.

▶Azabujuban Yakuzen Curry Online Shop


3.Akkeshi Saron Kamui Wins Best Gold Award at SWSC

Akkeshi Distillery was featured in last month’s issue, and to our surprise, their latest product, “Akkeshi Whisky Saron Kamuy,” was unanimously awarded the “Best Gold Award” in the whiskey category at the “San Francisco World Spirits Competition” in the United States.
Akkeshi Distillery was unanimously awarded the “Best Gold Prize” by the judges of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in the category of “Other Single Malt Whiskey”.
In the past, “Yamazaki 25years”, “Yamazaki 18years”, and “Hakushu 18years” were also awarded the same Best Gold Award, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that they are on par with them in receiving this prestigious award.
For more information on the Grand Gold Award, please click here.
Saronkamui sold out almost as soon as it went on sale on February 27, 2020, and soon after, it was at a premium on the Internet, with high prices.
It is still available at BAR Shinkai, so whisky lovers should definitely give it a try.

4.New arrival “Yoichi Apple Brandy Wood Finish” and 2 other bottles

This month, we would like to introduce some new arrivals, including domestic whiskies in limited quantities.

(1)Yoichi Apple Brandy Wood Finish

The strong, thick flavor of “Single Malt Yoichi” is further aged in apple brandy casks to achieve a harmonious blend of mellow sweetness and peat richness.
The aroma is sweet and malty and rich, like apple compote, and the flavor is savory and sweet, like baked goods reminiscent of apple pie or fruit cookies, followed pleasantly by a hint of peat and barley sweetness.
<45ml:5,000 yen, 30ml:3,400 yen, 15ml:1,700 yen>

(2) Miyagikyou Apple Brandy Wood Finish

The gorgeous and light flavor of “Single Malt Miyagikyou” is further aged in apple brandy casks to achieve a harmony of refreshing sweetness and soft astringency.
It has a subdued woody oak aroma, sweet and floral aroma, fresh apple lushness, and a sweet and sour taste reminiscent of fruitcake, with the bitterness and sweetness of the oak slowly followed by a cinnamon-like spicy taste.

<45ml:5,000 yen, 30ml:3,400 yen, 15ml:1,700 yen>

(3)Macallan Classic Cut

The Classic Cut series is released in limited quantities each year around the world.
Each year a different blender from The Macallan’s whisky team takes on the challenge of creating a different tasting whisky using the original sherry casks.

▶Features of Taste
<Color> Antique Gold
<Flavour> Orange peel, ginger, nutmeg, raisins,
<Taste>Sweet ginger, orange peel, soft oak spice
<Finish>Sweet, honeyed, long finish

<45ml:3,600 yen, 30ml:2,400 yen, 15ml:1,200 yen>

We wish for an early end to the situation and everyone’s health and safety, and we will be very careful as we go about our daily lives.

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