【New Item】Single Malt Nagahama THE THIRD BATCH

Nagahama Romance Beer, the official website of Nagahama Distillery, has just released a new shipment of “Single Malt Nagahama THE THIRD BATCH“.

Nagahama THE THIRD BATCH has arrived after a seven-month absence, with the FIRST BATCH released in 2022 and the SECOND BATCH in May 2011.

The key malts this time are both peat-type bourbon barrel-aged and Islay Quarter barrel-aged whisky.

In order to produce this product, in the spirit of “one brew, one barrel,” we carefully selected only the finest malt liquors from among the liquors lying in our aging cellar. 4 types of liquors, aged in bourbon barrels distilled in 2019, Islay Quarter barrels, Mizunara oak barrels distilled in 2020, and KOVAL whisky barrels, were carefully vatted using the technology and experience we have developed with “AMAHAGAN”. The four types of malt were carefully vatted using the techniques and experience gained from AMAHAGAN.

The key malts in this product are bourbon barrel-aged and Islay Quarter barrel-aged. Both are peaty and have a strong smoky flavor. The addition of the Mizunara and Koval whisky barrel-aged malts gives it an exquisite balance of oriental, heavy, and bitter flavors.


Tasting Comments
The color is a brilliant amber.
Delicate and fresh top notes. Malty essence with a distinctive smoky flavor. Sweet aroma like milk chocolate and chocolate cookie. The next aroma is of raisins, apricot candies, persimmon and other fruits, and finally a smoky aftertaste that reminds us of the end of a bonfire.
Malt sweetness and a milky smooth mouthfeel. Softness of caramel and maple syrup. The smoky accents that appear in the aftertaste show a strong character and the peat smoke lingers on the palate for a long time.


This is a different Nagahama from the First and Second. Unlike the bright smokiness and fruity sweetness of the previous series, the bottle had a baked sweetness.

There are not many Nagahama bottles that are this smoky, so this bottle is a must-try for Nagahama fans.

At “BAR SHINKAI”, we also offer small quantities such as 1 glass, 45ml: 4,950 yen, 30ml: 3,300 yen, 15ml: 1,650 yen,

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