【New Item】Single malt whisky Komagatake AGED 9 YEARS small batch

Miyata Village, Kamiina-gun, Nagano Prefecture, is located at the foot of Komagatake Mountain in the Japanese Alps. Komagatake distillery is located in a quiet forest at an altitude of 798 meters, surrounded by abundant nature and good quality water.
Single malt whisky “Komagatake AGED 9 YEARS Small Batch” is a rare single malt whisky, which is made by carefully selecting, vatting and bottling several barrels of malt whisky aged for more than 9 years in the cool environment of Shinshu.

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This rare single malt whisky is limited to 227 bottles. The original whiskey also contains whisky distilled in 1992.

We hope you will enjoy this rare single malt whisky, which is surrounded by good quality water and rich nature.

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At “BAR SHINKAI,” a glass of 45ml: 6,930 yen, 30ml: 4,620 yen, 15ml: 2,310 yen, etc. are available in small quantities.

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